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About Us:

B&B Office Systems is North Central Florida’s leading retailer, installer and maintainer of Multifunction Copiers & Printers and Paperless Systems.

Our commitment to you lasts long beyond the sale, with our team of factory-trained technicians and large on-hand inventory of parts and supplies.

B&B opened in 1985 with just two people and an answering service. With tons of hard work and dedication to our community, we’ve been blessed to grow to a staff of over 20 and continue expanding to meet our clients’ needs.

As Marion and Alachua Counties’ locally owned and operated full-line office equipment dealer, B&B and company president, Hal Deck, are recognized throughout the area as leaders in economic and community development, regularly giving back to the communities we serve.

Look to B&B Office Systems for all your business solutions needs. You’ll always receive prompt, professional service, quality products and incomparable value.

Our Team:

When you work with the best people, you get the best results. We know you'll enjoy getting to know the people who make B&B tick.

Hal headshot 90x120
Name: Hal Deck, President

Phone: (352) 416-0511
Email: hal@bbos.com

Hal is our fearless leader, an avid Gator fan and a fisherman extraordinaire. Although his expertise stretches far and wide, he specializes in University of Florida purchasing bids, about which he can answer any and all questions. He can also tell you all about snook – which is a fish, I’m told – and, upon request, may show you the Gator shrine that is his office.

Name: Michelle Gould, General Manager

Phone: (352) 416-0505
Email: michelle@bbos.com

Michelle manages day-to-day operations, showing off her prowess for poetry in perfect iambic pentameter memorandums. When not waxing giddy over the Latin etymology of "memorandums", she can be found pouring over financials, crunching numbers and occasionally singing at local haunts. Questions about AP, business operations, unresolved customer issues and the like can be directed her way.

Name: Erica Merrell, Account Representative

Phone: (352) 416-0508
Email: erica@bbos.com

Erica is known around B&B as the Mistress of Machines. Whether your business system is on a truck outside of Des Moines or in our showroom, she ensures it arrives on your doorstep at the most auspicious moment. When she isn’t supporting your sale, from start to finish, she dons a cape and turns into Super Merrell. Check out her good deeds at Friends of Wild Iris: blog.friendsofwildiris.org.

Name: Sandi Saurers, Contract Administrator

Phone: (352) 416-0504
Email: sandi@bbos.com

Sandi is our resident superhero. She can leap any contract question in a single bound and outwit even the trickiest situation so your contracts can be tailor-fit to your needs. In her past life, she was a vagabond horse-farm manager, living in many of our 52 states in her pursuit of the perfect Arabian. Now she scouts the northern regions of Florida in search of the perfect golf course.

Name: Antoinette Anderson, Intern

When she’s not at Agnes Scott College, earning her place on the Dean’s List, Antoinette spends summers at home, gracing B&B with her smile. If she’s not slipping off to lunch to read a book of manga, she can be found just about anywhere: on the phones, at the shredder, on the computer, at the recyclers, or at the scanner. Wherever we need the help, she has our backs.

Name: Debra Wallum, Marketing Manager

Phone: (352) 216-5008
Email: deb@bbos.com

The word is out: Debra is amazing. Our Ocala clients are weak-kneed with happiness that she’s brought her many years of experience in the business solutions industry and her pride in making her clients happy to their neck of the woods. Though her first career as a flight attendant is a secret we’ve sworn never to reveal, the way she walks effortlessly in pumps and her ability to never lose her grace may give her away.

Name: Greg Gantt, Account Representative

Phone: (352) 416-0510
Email: gregg@bbos.com

In our office, Greg is best known for being B&B’s one-man-Canes fan club. When he’s not baiting B&B’s one-man-Noles fan club by walking into the office in full regalia, he’s pairing his clients with elegant document solutions for their organizations. After hours, he’s best known as nail-bitting fan and waterboy to Florida Atlantic University’s basketball team, where his son is a star player.

Name: Rick Bolwan, Service Manager

Phone: (352) 416-0513
Email: rickb@bbos.com

Some people risk life and limb for their passions: jump out of planes, race motorcycles. Rick Bowlan falls in this category. (Model planes may not sound high risk, but once Rick shows you his thumb you’ll understand.) Customer care is another of his passions, so don’t be surprised by his high voltage responses to your service concerns.

Name: Teresa Gray, Service Administrator

Phone: (352) 335-3542
Email: teresa@bbos.com

Teresa is a myth. We say she works here, but we rarely find her at a desk. She’s usually a glimpse of an elbow sticking out of a copier or a streak running down the hallway, always in search of an elusive part or service bulletin. When she’s not busy putting all things right at B&B, she can be found herding her teenagers or perfecting her golf swing.

Name: Gregory Davisson, Service

Phone: 352-317-5467
Email: gregory@bbos.com

Whether it’s walking you through a challenging IT issue or repairing a recalcitrant printer, Gregory can come to your aid. He’s as quick with a smile as he is his offers to help. When he’s not having fun with his two daughters, we’ve heard he’s practicing guitar and working the right side of his brain.

Name: Greg Heilig, IT Specialist

Phone: (352) 335-3542
Email: greg@bbos.com

Greg is the master of equipment installs and the guru of networking. You know that "patience is a virtue" saying… well Greg lives it. He will dedicate himself to your networking needs and won’t give up until he’s victorious and you’re copying, printing, scanning and faxing to your heart’s content. When he’s not attending to customer needs, he can be found supporting community sports as a wrestling referee at his high school Alma Mater. He also brings the office Girl Scout Cookies when it’s that wonderful time of year.

Name: Jim Masson, Service Technician

Phone: (352) 335-3542
Email: jim@bbos.com

Meet Jim, our in-house mad inventor and island adventurer. When he’s not traveling the Caribbean or concocting new life forms in his home lab, he’s in the field, applying his Spock-like brain to your service issues. Not to spread rumors, but we’ve heard the new-life-forms thing isn’t going too well, so Jim’s focusing more on technology these days.

Reggie! (2)
Name: Duane Olson, Service Technician

Phone: (352) 335-3542
Email: duane@bbos.com

When Duane came on board, B&B got a twofer: a fantastic technician and the office mascot (AKA Reggie, chihuahua-mutt extraordinaire!). Prior to turning a mean screwdriver for B&B, he crafted handmade pastas as proprietor and chef for the beloved and greatly missed Pizza Palace. As a former business owner and employer, he appreciates how important it is for your office to run smoothly. Now if I could only get him to pass along his recipe for his famous tamari salad dressing. Yummy.

Name: Jerry Stubblefield, Field Supervisor

Phone: (352) 335-3542
Email: jerry@bbos.com

Jerry gets all the tough service problems to crack, and he commits himself to doing just that, even if it means working with an engineering department in Japan to do so. When he’s not resolving intransigent service issues, he’s in the throes of one home improvement project or another. What will it be this weekend? Bird houses constructed from PVC pipe? A hand-painted privacy fence?

Name: Eric Gray, Warehouse/Parts Manager

Phone: (352) 416-0515
Email: eric@bbos.com

No one knows exactly where Eric’s been the past decade or so. There’s a vague reference to living on five of the seven continents, there’s the story about being from Crawfordsville, Indiana (yeah, right), but who really knows? When he’s not ensuring your equipment installations come off without a hitch, I suspect he’s drinking raki and playing backgammon at an obscure taverna in Istanbul. I bet he even wears a fez.

Name: Rosa Gant, Delivery

Phone: 352-416-0512
Email: rosa@bbos.com

Meet Rosa, which I’m sure means “she with the infectious smile and laugh” in some obscure language. Whether she’s in the office setting up newly arrived equipment or ensuring your new purchase arrives and is installed without a hitch, she’s bound to brighten your day. In her life outside B&B, I’m pretty sure she stars in her own cooking show, because she’s always whipping up something amazing. Ask her about her world-renown pasteles.

Name: Willie Williams, Delivery

Phone: (352) 335-3542
Email: willie@bbos.com

Willie is our delivery expert. He can lift small buildings without breaking a sweat, so ensuring your imaging equipment arrives without a ding is a snap. When he’s not providing you with top-notch service, look for him at Shands, where he works security, protecting patients and staff, or at church, singing in the choir.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to keep your office trouble-free by providing you the finest support available. We take care of your office, so you can take care of your business.

CORE VALUES: We stand by the following core principles.

  • Holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards in every relationship
  • Creating an environment which encourages our team to grow personally and professionally
  • Empowering our support team to meet our clients’ needs
  • Contributing to the communities we serve